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Seniors & Vision II: 7 Adaptive Measures


Last week I shared six eye diseases that are all age-related as well as three tests you should receive from your ophthalmologist. I also reintroduced data showing that in the very near future these problems can increase as much as 40%. All, however, is not doom and gloom. Far from it. When we know what the vision challenge is, we can take measures to adapt and triumph.

Today I will be sharing seven ways seniors can adapt to their vision challenge and still lead happy productive lives.
  • Position Furniture – Move furniture so it is easier to maneuver around the home.
  • High Contrast – Marlena Chu, OD and Chief of the Low Vision Services at UC Berkeley School of Optometry recommend several high contrast measures that can be utilized throughout the home. For example, put high contrast colored carpet next to objects like coffee tables or stairs and use brightly colored shelf and countertop liners.
  • Magnifying Glass –There are several types ranging from pocket magnifiers to stand and dome magnifiers.
  • Large Print Books –These can either be purchased or checked out from the local library.
  • Adaptive Games – Board games like Monopoly and Scrabble are now made with larger cards and playing pieces and also have a lip so pieces stay on the board. Playing cards with larger images are also available. Dominoes that are larger and have raised dots can be used and be sure to place your game on a surface that has a contrasting color to the game pieces.
  • Larger Landline – If you still use a landline (and many seniors do) purchase one that has bigger buttons.
  • Wear Glasses – Park your vanity to the side and use them, especially if they’ve been prescribed by your doctor. There’s no shame in wearing them.


It goes without saying that you want to have regular eye exams and deal with potential problems. The earlier you deal with it, the easier it will be to adapt and adopt the appropriate measure. As you’ve learned from my past articles, the above list is anything but exhaustive. My hope is this list has been helpful and will prod you to be proactive.