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7 Packing Tips for Your Next Trip

Because it’s travel season, I’ve written the last several articles on different travel tips, covering safety, improving photos and scams to be on the lookout for. Today I will be sticking with travel, sharing packing tips. As I’ve grown older, it seems to take a little longer to pack and prepare for a trip. Many of the items I now pack are things I didn’t consider a necessity twenty years ago. Well, things change. Young or old, I hope the following tips help make your next adventure  more enjoyable:

  • Pack Light–Research beforehand the climate(s) you will be visiting and pack accordingly. Pack clothing that can be used for more than one occasion. Don’t over pack, especially since airlines now charge by the pound. One travel expert recommends rolling your clothes tightly. Rolled clothes take up less room and will not have the deep wrinkles of regularly folded clothing.
  • Easy to Roll – Have luggage that is easy to roll and has a sturdy retractable handle. Make sure you have a strap attached that can be used for carrying smaller pieces.
  • Tote carry-on– Carry a large tote bag on board with you for valuables, extra medication, necessities and papers like your passport.In case your luggage is sent to Bora Bora and you’re in Cleveland, or the baggage handlers have light fingers, you won’t be missing anything irreplaceable.
  • Ambulatory aids – If you use a wheelchair or walker call the airline or ship beforehand, alerting them of your needs. If staying in a hotel, get a room close to the elevator.
  • Shoes – Wear a comfortable pair for walking and pack a second pair for evening wear.
  • Medication – Make a list of all your medications and know their generic names. You may not be able to find Lipitor, but you will probably have an easier time finding its generic equivalent, atorvastatin.
  • Copy your passport – This is one my father recommended. He and my stepmother did this when they traveled. Make a copy of your passport. You can’t use it, but it will make replacing the original easier.


Of course, these are not the only travel tips available. There are tips for travel to specific destinations and scores of others. Perhaps your best source would be a travel agent, especially if you’re using one to book your next trip. I hope you have found these tips helpful and will continue reading my articles. If you have any questions or comments, I can always be reached at