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Community Profiles

Thank you for looking at the Community Profiles section. I have fashioned a questionnaire asking different people to share their thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics ranging from profession to best invention and how they were impacted. Each week we will have a different person or couple share a glimpse of their life. I hope you will read their recollections and over time compare and contrast their lives with other participants, perhaps even comparing them with your own. I think it will be interesting to see where we differ, but also, and perhaps more important, how alike we are.


Joan | Dallas, TX 1.) Your birthdate? 11/12/1951 2.) Birthplace? Columbia, MO 3.) Parents (first) names and profession? Joy and Jim / Court Reporter and business owner 4.) Siblings (first name), and birth order? Meredith/younger 5.) Fondest childhood memory(s)? Going...

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Barbara & Walter

Barbara & Walter | Ft. Worth, TX 1)   Your birthdate? Barbara:   March 21, 1930 Walter:   August 7, 1927 2)  Birthplace? Barbara:   Chicago, Ill. Walter:   Oak Park, Ill., a suburb of Chicago 3)  Parents names and work? Barbara:  Father: William – High school...

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