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Laughter, Good for Body, Mind & Society IV:

All 3 Benefits in Action

By: Thomas J. Harvey 

My name is Thomas J. Harvey and I am the Community Liaison for Right at Home, In-Home Care, and Assistance. I represent two franchises, Right at Home NW Houston and Right at Home West Houston. Before I go any further, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Doug at Time 4 Seniors for allowing me to share a brief word or two about my benefits of laughter presentation.

I’ve been presenting this workshop for several years and never get tired or bored doing it. I love to laugh and consider it a joy to help others do the same. It’s rewarding to see the changes in people’s facial expressions after they’ve been laughing for a while. When I start a presentation, I like to take a mental picture of my audience. Once I finish, I can compare and contrast their faces and body language.

I specialize in working with the elderly. The most common place for me to do my presentation is in an assisted living community. Every time, the staff has the same response at the end. They look at their residents in disbelief and comment, “I’ve never seen them laugh so hard for so long.” When I return, they invariably comment that the effects of my presentation lasted throughout the day. The residents smiled more often and more easily, were more relaxed and generally got along better with each other.

Doug and I have visited several times about my laughter presentations. I read his last three articles with great interest and can attest to the truths he shared. I’ve seen these benefits play out time and again. Laughter is a great physical exercise, improves our psyche, and helps us build relationships.

In summary, I’ll share the same advice I’ve given thousands over the years. When in doubt, laugh! Feeling out of shape? Begin laughing and then start going to the gym. Doing both can’t hurt. Feeling stressed? Laugh! Feeling tired due to poor sleep quality? Laugh before going to bed. For heaven’s sake don’t watch the news, watch a comedy show. You’ll sleep better. Feeling blue? Laugh, then laugh some more. Laughter will always win the battle, but it’s up to you to do what’s required. Listen to, read or watch something that will make you laugh. Getting sick a little too often? Laugh your way to health. Dealing with aches and pains? Laugh! Remember it’s an all-natural painkiller with no negative side effects. In short, laughter may just be the best cure for what ails you.

Again, my name is Thomas J. Harvey, and I am the Community Liaison for Right at Home, In-Home Care and Assistance. The two agencies I represent sponsor my benefits of laughter presentation in various locations throughout Houston. This means I never have to charge for these facilities or organizations. This is a community service we offer as a way of giving back. If you ever find yourself in need of in-home care please contact us. If we can’t help you we’ll connect you with those who can. Please feel free to visit our websites; and The phone numbers are NW Houston: 832-924-3160 and West Houston: 713-581- 8162.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my laughter presentation.  Remember, laughter is the best medicine. You can’t overdose, it has no negative side effects and is contagious. Finally, make the time and effort to make others smile and laugh. They’ll thank you for it.