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Senior Volunteers III: 4 Volunteer Matching Services 

This is the third article of a series on seniors and volunteering. I first shared the benefits one might receive when volunteering, following up with a quick list of organizations that rely on volunteers. Last week I cited an article by Christina Majaski where she stated that most people volunteer their time and talents to groups that hold a special meaning to them. Perhaps they volunteer with the American Heart Association because a friend or relative experienced a heart attack or has coronary disease.

Not everyone has that connection. There are some seniors who truly don’t know how to go about finding an organization needing volunteers. Don’t despair. There are volunteer matching services that will help you find the right cause. Today, I will be introducing you to four of those services.

  • Volunteer Match– Based in Oakland, Ca., VM serves more than 122,000 non-profits. Operating in all fifty states, they match volunteers to organizations and vice-versa.
  •   Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)– A division of Senior Corps, RSVP matches volunteers to a wide range of needs from tutoring to construction.
  • Corporation for National & Community Service– A nation-wide government agency matching volunteers to local needs.
  • Points of Light – Inspired by President George H.W. Bush, Points of Light matches volunteers to causes here and abroad.

Based on my research these four agencies serve both as a clearing house for organizations and groups needing volunteers as well as making a better than good faith effort to ensure the volunteer’s skills and interests would best serve a particular cause. I’m quite certain there are other groups providing similar services, but these are good starting places for the senior in your life to search for places to serve.