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Seniors & Holiday Memories II: Ways to Include Your Senior(s)


Last week I shared several senior-friendly holiday traditions your family may wish to adopt.  This week I am sharing four ways to ensure that the senior in your family is not left out. I found several sites espousing activities for seniors, but only a few addressed ideas for inclusion. I have synthesized them into what I feel may be the “big three” and then added my own.  These guidelines are not earth-shattering but can help you plan your holidays.

Plan AheadReneta Gelman, an executive with Partners in Care, suggests you plan ahead. Take into account t age, physical limitations and other challenges they may be dealing with.

Pace Yourself Jamee Horning, writing in Seniors First, recommends not trying to cram too much into an already crowded schedule.

Create New Memories– The staff at the Greenfields Continuing Care Community urge families to adopt new traditions, adjusting for their needs.

Keep it Simple– Extravagance is not always best. Sometimes less is more.

The above suggestions are, I believe, a helpful guide to making sure elderly family members are included in your holiday celebrations. Over sixty-five doesn’t mean it is time to be discarded. Just the opposite. There’s much to be learned, shared, savored and remembered. You may just have to make a little more effort. Have a blessed Christmas.