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Seniors & The Holidays: Ways to Create Lasting Memories


The holiday season is upon us again. While we scurry about with mad dashes to the grocery store, preparing lavish meals and making sure everything is perfect, let’s also try to make memories of the time we are blessed to spend with family and friends. Today I will be sharing 5 ways to save memories for generations to come.

Make/keep a tradition – Traditions are what make the holidays special. Megan Hammons, a Texas Hill Country freelance writer, states that whether the tradition is new or old, make sure everyone can participate.

Share Stories – Get your senior, suggests Marissa Salvesen, Manager of Mission Development at United Methodist Homes, to share childhood traditions were and stories of holidays past.  Be sure to record these stories in either a written or digital format.

Digitize – Mike Ashenfelder, a writer and editor, recommends saving photos and videos in digital files; editing and sorting so they are easy to find and share.

Write it down – Writing in the Niagara Gazette, Valerie Zehl shares stories of families who wrote down family histories, events, and other memories. She encourages people to write these memories down, keeping them either in a scrapbook or other safe place so they can be easily found.

Keep it simple – Doing group activities that require little or no money and little effort are ways to make lasting holiday memories says Christina Tiplea, a freelance writer and founder of the Embracing Simple Blog.

The above are easy ways to create and keep holiday memories that will last from one generation to the next. Of course, there are other ways to preserve family lore. These are just a start. Hoping you have a blessed holiday season.