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Get a Grip: A Product Review of the Drive Doorknob Gripper


A few weeks ago, I reviewed five products that could help strengthen your grip. Looks like I have embarked on a short-term series on grip strength. I can remember that for many of my clients this was a real issue. One or two of them had what I might, in hindsight, call crippling arthritis. Others had varying degrees of hand/grip strength issues. I can vividly recall helping them with opening their door. Had I, at that time been knowledgeable, I would have recommended they purchase a doorknob gripper. It would have definitely made their lives easier. Today I am reviewing the Drive Doorknob Gripper and how it can help most every senior.


Lightweight, the gripper fits easily over any round doorknob and makes gripping and turning easier. This product is ideal for anyone who is challenged with arthritis or joint and wrist problems, especially seniors.


Product Features:

  • Maximum grip
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy installation – no tools necessary
  • Static-free – no shock
  • Fits all round doorknobs


Whether you are a senior, caregiver or have a challenged parent or older friend, the Drive Doorknob Gripper can help anyone be more independent. You can purchase this product here. Be aware that should you purchase this product or anything else from our site, Time 4 Seniors will, at no cost to you, receive a commission.