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It’s a Two-Fer: Review of the Juvi Mobi Folding Rollator –Transport Chair


Three months ago, I had ankle surgery. Actually, it was reconstructive surgery because they not only reattached the tendons but also realigned my foot. It was a mess. Anyway, my rehab has been a slow process. My progress would have been greatly spurred along by the Juvi Mobi Transport Chair as seen above.


Not only is it a walker, but is also a chair, holding up to 250 pounds. When I started my rehab I would tire easily, so I was restricted in where I was able to use my walker. The combination chair/walker would have saved me time and energy in my initial rehab. There are a number of benefits to this product.

  • Two-in one: Both a chair and walker
  • Choose Color: Cherry Red, Metallic Blue, Silver
  • Construction: Double “X” aluminum frame
  • Weight Capacity – 250 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 33.75 to 38.5 inches high.
  • Overall Length: 28 inches in rollator mode, 38.5 inches in transport chair mode
  • Item Weight: 20.5 lbs.
  • Storage: Foldable and easy to store.


The dual-purpose combination is an ideal solution for helping any senior with mobility issues remain independent. Used as a walker, it provides balance, stability and support. If you need to rest or need a push from a friend or caregiver, the padded seat makes riding comfortable.


Other amenities include foot rests, dual purpose storage bag with strap and easy to grip ergonomic handles. You can go here for further viewing. Be aware that should you purchase this product or anything else from our site, we will, at no cost to you, receive a commission.