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Seniors and Hand Strength:5 Products that can Build Strength and Flexibility

Seniors are prone to a host of maladies and diseases. In my interactions with seniors, one of the big problems I saw brought on by age was a weakening of the hand, arm, and shoulder. Many no longer had the ability to easily grip objects or open things like a jar. Their tactile strength was so limited that completing simple tasks was difficult. My intent today is not to discuss the ravages of arthritis or other illness. I’ll do that in a future article. Today, my goal is to review 5 products that can help seniors maintain strength in areas that are sometimes difficult to sustain.

Graded Finger Pinch Exercisers Set

This product is a system of rehabilitation exercises designed to increase strength and coordination in the fingers. The set is “ideal for finger and hand strengthening as well as shoulder range of motion exercises.”

The boxed set includes “3 different sized horizontal cross rods and 1 vertical rod, and 50 color-coded pinch exercisers. The 3 horizontal rods measures 3/8, 3/10 and 1/10 inches in diameter for challenging finger, wrist and forearm exercises.” The rods vary in size, offering a variety of customized challenging exercises for the finger, wrist, forearm, and shoulder. The pinch pins come in different colors, each color representing a progressive increase in resistance.

The set is great for building strength in the finger and hand as well as a range of motion exercises for the shoulder. You can view the product here.


* Dimensions: 16 inches wide, 11 inches high, 14 inches long;

* Weighs: 6 pounds;

* Includes: 50 (10 of each resistance) color-coded graded resistance pinch pins, three horizontal rods, a vertical rod, exercise;

* Made in: USA.


VariGrip Hand and Finger Therapy Exercisers

 Ergonomically designed with five grips each color-coded for different levels of progressive resistance, the VariGrip Hand and Finger Therapy Exerciser Set is uniquely purposed for a customized workout. The patented design allows tension on each finger to be adjusted, so no digit is left out.


“The VariGrip Hand and Finger Therapy Exercisers are designed with padded grips for added comfort. Each grip has an extra wide base that is intended to evenly distribute pressure for comfort and improved exercise performance. Each individual finger button is designed with an adjustable tension adjustment dial to provide a smoother, more gradual transition between resistance levels. The VariGrip is a great hand exercise product for use for post-surgery rehabilitation, wrist, forearm or finger injuries, elbow fractures as well as arthritis and carpal tunnel and other impairments.”


* Choose resistance: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy;

* Dimensions: 3.5 inches wide, 3.25 inches long, 0.75 inch high;

* Weighs: 0.5 lbs.;

* Materials: Not made with natural rubber latex;

* Includes: Instructions with exercises.


CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty 2 oz. Set of 6

 The Cando Theraputty Exercise Set is a set of six color-coded containers of putty. “Each color-coded putty is a different consistency ranging from extra, extra soft tan to extra-firm black for a variety of hand and finger exercises.” Depending on your goal, you can choose the softer or firmer putty.

Theraputty is “non-toxic, non-oily, bleed proof, latex free and leaves no residue.” The color will not bleed, nor will it separate, fragment, stain or stick to the skin. The putty’s elasticity allows it to be twisted, stretched and pulled, allowing for an array of exercises found in the owner’s manual designed for exercises that will challenge and strengthen the hand and upper extremities.  Because of the delicate balance normally required in strengthening hand muscles, it is recommended that before embarking on a program using Theraputty you consult a therapist or physician regarding intensity and repetitions.

“To care for Theraputty, avoid the use of lotion and wash hands before use to prevent soiling and to help maintain the resistance of the putty. Theraputty should be kept in the storage container when not being used. It should not be placed on rugs or fabrics for a prolonged period of time.”


* Material: Gluten, casein, and latex free;

* Made in: USA;

* Includes: One 2 oz container of each color.


VariGrip UNO Finger Exerciser

The VariGrip UNO Finger Exerciser is patently designed to give a workout with variable resistance to each individual finger and thumb. The design allows the user “to adjust the resistance levels for both flexion and extension exercises for individual fingers.”

The ergonomic design provides comfort and stability, preventing any shifting or other movements when used. Ideal not only for building strength, but users experiencing problems from repetitive motion injuries, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome should find these exercises helpful. “The interchangeable, color-coded low and high resistance springs provide a full range of options to improve thumb or finger functionality. The resistance force ranges from 1.5 to 8 pounds.”


* Adjustable resistance: 1.5 to 8 lbs.

* Dimensions: 12 inches long, 3-inch diameter.

* Weighs: 4.8 ounces.

* Includes: Instructions with exercises.



Finger Weights Set of 5 

 The Finger Weights Set of 5 is a weighted color-coded system of belts target designed to help users target individual fingers or the whole hand. Ideal for “anyone looking to increase their manual dexterity and mobility performance.”

The easy slip-on weights vary in weight from 10 to 30 grams, and one size fits all. The finger weights are ideal for individuals suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel or rehabbing from an injury or raising spatial awareness.


Choose: Colored or white.

Includes: 5 weight belts, 15 ten-gram inserts, carrying bag.

Made in: USA.


This has been a bit different from my usual norm. Instead of focusing on just one product, I have quickly looked at five, each of which could serve you, a loved one or client. Each product I’ve presented can help to strengthen muscles and joints, combat a serious malady or both. I don’t know which product would benefit you the most and help you or someone else be more independent, you’ll need to click the link in each mini-review and determine what is best for you. Be aware that should you purchase this product or anything else from our site, Time 4 Seniors, at no cost to you, will receive a commission.