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Wet n Wild: A Product Review of the AquaJogger Active Water Exercise Pack

Two weeks ago, I reviewed the Juvo Mobi Folding Rollator -Transport Chair for its versatility in being both a walker and a chair. I spoke of how it could have aided in my rehab from ankle surgery. Well, I’m still in rehab mode, at least for another four months, so I am constantly on the lookout for anything that will help me regain full mobility. About three weeks ago I embarked on a daily exercise regimen that includes pool walking.

Initially, I was just walking, but gradually I added dumbbells and foot cuffs. The added resistance has helped strengthen my foot and increase my flexibility. Because I use a lap pool and the depth is only 5’, there is no need to use a flotation belt. The AquaJogger Active Water Exercise Pack offers a low impact total body workout. It’s ideal not only for rehabbers like myself but for most anyone wishing to stay active with a low impact workout, while still building strength and maintaining muscle tone, especially seniors. The Exercise Pack contains the following items:

Aquajogger Active Belt – 48-inch belt will fit both men and women up to a 44-inch waist, measures 24.63 inches long, 3.5 inches high in center, 1.25 inches high at ends, 1 3/8 inch thick.
1 Pair AquaJogger Active-Dumbbells
1 Pair AquaJogger Foot Cuffs
1 Water Workout Guide

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