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Help for the Overwhelmed

By: Jim Bunch

Over the last three weeks, we’ve looked at signs indicating a senior may no longer be able to live independently, factors to consider in choosing a location and, finally, what questions you should ask at the facility. Right about now, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. It is a lot of information to digest. Plus, if you’re the adult child of a senior, you have a life. After juggling work, kids’ schedules and helping your wife, you may not have the time or patience to help your parent(s) find a senior community.

There’s no need to worry, because there is help, and it’s FREE. There are senior referral services that will do ALL the legwork, helping you find the best community for yourself or family member. After an initial interview, they do it all. I am not an expert in finding a community, so I have, again, invited another professional to share their expertise.

This week I have invited Jim Bunch of Senior Living Specialists to share the services he provides his clients. Jim runs their North Houston office and is uniquely qualified to aid anyone on this journey. He has degrees in both nursing and healthcare administration, and “has worked in the healthcare industry for 30+ years in various capacities as: ICU staff RN, charge nurse, Director of Nursing in a small hospital and VP of Nursing Services in a large acute care hospital, Director of Hospice Business Development and Director of Business Development of Home Healthcare with national companies as well as Area Vice President of a large national home care and hospice company”.

Jim is uniquely and abundantly qualified to find the right community for you or your loved one. If you wish to visit with Jim or receive his expertise, I know he would love to visit with you. He can be reached at and their office number is 832-993-1905. Here is Jim’s article:

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information about assisting you through the senior living maze. Whether you are 25, 55 or 85 years of age, you might know someone that will someday have to go through the arduous task of finding the appropriate Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care or Residential Care Home. Many families and spouses of these people frequently experience anxiety, fear, and apprehensions as they go through the process of placing their loved ones in a senior living community. Most of us don’t want to think about placing a friend or family member in a senior living community and many end up in crisis.
With hundreds of senior living communities in the Harris County area, identifying the very best fit for a loved one or friend is a daunting and time-consuming task. Senior Living Specialists will help everyone through this maze providing FREE comprehensive assistance to identify the very best fit for each family.
You may not know that there are clinical differences between each type of senior living community available, and qualifications for entry to each also differs. After spending some time with you, Senior Living Specialists will know the right choices for communities that will fit your particular need.
As a nurse, I have completed interviews with countless senior living communities, their Executive Directors, Nursing Directors, Dietary Directors and Activities Directors to determine the “culture” of their community. My guiding principle is that I won’t suggest a community for placement for your loved one if I wouldn’t place my own Mom or Dad into that community. I learned this process with my own parents when we first moved to Spring five years ago and spent countless hours finding the best place for them in an Independent Living Community. It is my hope you will save yourself those countless hours and let me do the work for you through Senior Living Specialists, at no cost to you.
Please call Jim Bunch at Senior Living Specialists (832-993-1905) or email me ( Contact me as your very first step to finding the perfect home for your loved one and let me take the burden of doing all the legwork and calling for you.