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Seniors and Downsizing IV: 7 Modifications for Aging in Place


When designing living spaces for aging clients, the designer or builder has to almost follow the client from waking in the morning to going to bed at night. We have to know their challenges and design accordingly. Aging effects seniors in both their sensory faculties and physical abilities, and both these aspects must be accounted for before any upgrades can be made. Modifications are made with a safety-first mindset. Below are seven accommodations that can be made to help seniors stay at home:


  • Move Bedroom – Move the bedroom from upstairs to downstairs.


  • Install chair lift or elevator – If moving a bedroom is not practical, perhaps, a chair lift or elevator can be installed.


  • Install hand rails and grab bars – Installing handrails throughout the home for easier access as well as grab bars in the shower and elsewhere.


  • Plumbing fixtures – Includes walk-in showers and taller toilets.


  • Kitchen access – Easier access to appliances and storage.


  • Install ramps – Wheelchair access to and from the house.


  • Increased lighting – Increasing general lighting levels and better task lighting for reading and other activities.



In the course of my career, Fuqua Architects has helped many clients modify and upgrade their home.  The above list is only a few of the modifications my team can help you with. Feel free to call me, Wilson Fuqua, anytime at 214-528-4663 to discuss your needs. We look forward to serving you.